A Syllabus to this Year's Course in Biology I.
Biology has been defined as the remarkable study of life. Although unaware of it at birth, we have been students in this challenging field of science since our senses have become wired around the age of 8 to 10 months. Although major theories and laws of biology appear to be relatively static over the last century and a half, biology (i.e., bio-technology) has been a rapidly evolving field of science, producing an increased number of specializations of study, branching speciality fields like medicine and genetics.

Consider this year's course in biology as a sampler of sorts. You will discover and learn about a multitude of interconnected biological topics that may spark your intellectual side into furthering your studies. A degree from any university or college in the biological sciences, to date, remains one of the most versatile means for entering a career in life science--from monitoring the ecological balance of rainbow trout and infectious mosquito larvae in freshwater fishing grounds as a Fish & Game Warden to opening up a human skull in order to relieve the blood pressure on brain tissue spawned by a cerebral hemorrhage as a Neurosurgeon....

Understanding life has its rewards, often academically, and always personally.